Mayfair Christian School is a member of the worldwide network of Seventh-day Adventist schools, colleges, and universities.

This network is the largest Protestant educational system in the world.  This affiliation makes it possible for us to offer our students the very best opportunities to develop mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Our school serves students in grades K-8, in addition to offering a pre-K program.  Finally, Mayfair Christian School is fully accredited and has a Charter with the State of Ohio.

Our Mission

To educate students in excellence and integrity to lead and impact society by fulfilling their destinies for the glory of God.

Mayfair Christian School places Jesus Christ at the center of all school experiences.  It is our mission to promote the spiritual, social, physical, and academic development of all of our students.  We will prepare every child to be an ambassador of Christ’s love to their communities and the entire world.

Mayfair Christian School believes that the highest purpose of education is to “restore in man the image of his maker, to bring him back to the perfection which he was created, to promote the development of body, mind, and soul…” (Education, pp. 15, 16). Further, we believe that true education provides the student with a sense of purpose in life that will fuel the student’s commitment to selfless service in whatever occupation or walk of life they choose. In addition to preparing our students for successive educational challenges and life after school, we also commit to the task of preparing each student for a life of Christian service and devotion.

The establishment of Mayfair Christian School is a combined missionary effort of the Akron, Barberton, and Canton area Seventh-day Adventists Churches, and the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The school was created for the express purpose of providing Christian-based education to Seventh-day Adventist young people, and to others who may desire the same type of education. All education here at Mayfair Christian School, will conform to the standards and teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and will spring from the true foundation of the moral and spiritual teaching of the Word of God.

  • Encourage students to recognize God as the Savior and source of all life.
  • Seek to develop in our students an awareness of their spiritual nature and the continual presence of God in their lives.
  • Provide an environment conducive to Christian education.
  • Lead our students into a relationship with God that is based on experience, not simply abstractions or ideas.
  • Prepare students to meet the realities of life through training that develops resourcefulness and confidence.
  • Teach students to become responsible for their own learning.
  • Teach students to make life decisions in a careful and thoughtful manner.
  • Work to develop leadership, interpersonal, and social skills, as well as habits of refinement and culture in every student.
  • Encourage discernment and discrimination in daily value, especially those associated with leisure time.
  • Teach and demonstrate healthful living principles and practices.
  • Develop in students an appreciation of true beauty and the finer things in life.
  • Prepare students to take their places as servants of God; however He sees fit to utilize them.
  • To the best of our ability and by God’s strength, model the attributes and character traits we are seeking to develop in our students.
  • Christian-based curriculum education and mission.
  • Professional, certified – teachers, and staff.
  • Student-teacher ratio of 8:1, allows more individualized attention and instruction.
  • Fully integrated computer curriculum.
  • Multi-grade classroom approach proven effective in increasing academic performances.
  • A large and safe playground in a country setting.
  • Affiliated with the largest Protestant school system in the world.
  • Competitive tuition rates with generous discounts, referral credits, and payment plans available.